Classification of abilities

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1. Dynamic strength, static strength, explosive strength, stamina, extent flexibility, dynamic flexibility, gross body coordination and equilibrium and trunk strength are all examples of

  • gross motor abilities
  • psychomotor abilities
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2. Abilities are

  • the same in every person
  • innate / genetically determined
  • a combination of skills

3. A practical example of a psychomotor ability is

  • static strength in weightlifting
  • aiming in archery
  • catching in cricket

4. Aiming, rate control, manual dexterity, speed of movement, finger dexterity, reaction time, response orientation and multi limb coordination are all examples of

  • psychomotor abilities
  • gross motor abilities

5. The three characteristics of an ability are

  • genetically determined, individual and coordinated
  • innate, stable and enduring and support skills
  • flexibility, strength, coordination


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