classification and diagnosis of depression

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1. What did kessler say is an issue with the classification of depresion?

  • the symptoms written are too vague
  • there is a cross over in symptoms of other mental illnesses
  • there is clear differences between mental illnesses
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2. who assesed the validity of the classification of depression?

  • van-cole
  • Van-weel baumgarten 28/33 correct
  • van-bam
  • van-garten

3. barca-garcia says that diagnosis improved over time, true or false?

  • false
  • true

4. what did beck say about the reliability of the classification of depression?

  • uses common sense
  • uses dsm-5 which focuses only on symptoms
  • uses doctors notes

5. who said taht there is inconsistency in GP diagnosis?

  • kessler
  • sanchez
  • enfield
  • smith


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