classification systems and species

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1. what is a natural classification system?

  • a system based on the evolutionary relationships and genetic similarities between organisms
  • a system based on the environment of an organism
  • a system based on evolutionary relationships
  • a system based on genetic similarities
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2. what is a kingdom?

  • living things divided into large groups
  • none of the above
  • living things divided into small groups
  • areas where certain organisms live

3. what is a hybrid?

  • two different species interbreeding
  • an organism enhanced by technology
  • an alien
  • a radioactive breed

4. in exam, how would you explain the differences and similarities between species?

  • explain how they are related in evolutionary terms and the type of environment theyve adapted to survive in
  • very important
  • dont forget
  • dont forget

5. what does the bionomial system help achieve?

  • lets languages over the world know an organism by the same name
  • none of the above
  • allows us to share information across the world
  • let species breed in new places


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