Classification of skills

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Difficulty continuum
Types of judgement and decisions that you have to make to perform a skill: Simple-Complex
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Environmental influence continuum
Effect environment has on skills: Open-Closed
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Pacing continuum
Timing of movement: Self paced-Externally paced
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Muscular involvement continuum
Precision of movement: Gross-Fine
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Continuity continuum
How well defined beginning and end of skill are: Discrete(clear beginning and end)-Serial (several discrete elements put together to make integrated movement)-Continuous (no obvious beginning or end)
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Organisation continuum
The way in which it is made up or organised: High organisation-Low organisation
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What does task analysis involve?
Understanding what needs to be taught in a detailed way so a plan of what needs to be taught, when and where, can be formulated
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What does task analysis allow teachers to do?
identify why a particular movement is not being skilfully executed
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How does knowing how to classify skills help task analysis?
Allows to decide what type of teaching/learning strategies that will optimise performance
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What is attentional wastage?
Performer's concentration can be misdirected by irrelevant cues, which can damage the effectiveness of their performance and will particularly affect way novice learn
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How should closed skills be practiced?
Repetitively, almost becomes automatic
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How should open skills be practiced?
Changing environment
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How should discrete skills be practiced?
As a whole
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How should continuous skills be practiced?
A whole to gain kinethesis
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What is Kinethesis?
The sense or physical feeling that we get from movements we make, proprioreceptors in muscles, ligaments and joints send messaged to brain that gives us information about what we are doing
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How should serial skills be practiced?
Breaking down into sub-routines
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Environmental influence continuum


Effect environment has on skills: Open-Closed

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Pacing continuum


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Muscular involvement continuum


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Continuity continuum


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