Classification and naming species

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1. what does the word 'species' mean?

  • A group of organisms with similar characteristics
  • animals with the same things as each other
  • a living thing
  • an animal that is the same as others in that group
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2. which vertebrate group is a basking shark in?

  • fish
  • mammal
  • reptile
  • bird
  • amphibian

3. are iguanas poikilotherms or homeotherms?

  • poikilotherms
  • homeotherms

4. why does a tarantula not belong to a vertebrate group?

  • It is a spider
  • It has no backbone OR it is non-chordata
  • it is cold-blooded
  • It is a pest, not an animal

5. what does the term autotroph mean?

  • the organism feeds off dead organic matter
  • The organism produces its own food through photosynthesis
  • The organism lays eggs
  • The organism finds its own food


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