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2. what are the recent changes to classification systems?

  • classification is based on how they reproduce
  • classification is based on what they consume
  • classification is based on the study of genetics
  • classification is based on observed features

3. what are the 5 kingdoms?

  • prokaryotae,protoctista, fungi, plantae, humans
  • prokaryotae,protoctista, fungi, plantae,animalia
  • prokaryotae, protictista, fungi, flowers, animals
  • prokaryotae, protictista, mould, plants, animals

4. what species are humans from?

  • **** sapiens
  • canis sapiens
  • mammals
  • sapiens

5. How are organisms classified?

  • classified by their age
  • classified by their offspring which are infertile
  • organisms classified by 3 domains then the system ends with organisms being classified as individual species
  • by their name


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