Classics: Year 9 Term 3: 12 Labours of Heracles

Nemean Lion (3)
Heracles must kill the infamous Nemean Lion. He realises its skin is impregnable and strangles it before skinning it with its own claw.
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Lernean Hydra (3)
Heracles must kill the Hydra. Along with Iolaus, he works out to burn the heads so more cannot grow back.
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Stymphalian Birds (4)
Heracles must defeat the bird which had been ravaging farmland. He cases them into the forest, where Athena gives him a rattle to scatter them into the air, where he can shoot them.
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Cretan Bull (4)
Heracles must capture the bull which had been ravaging Crete. He creeps up behind it to strangle it and then rides it back to Mycenae. Eurystheus fears the bull, so Heracles sets it free.
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Golden Hind (4)
Heracles must capture Artemis' sacred deer. He tracks it around Arcadia for a year and snares it. He meets Apollo ands Artemis who allow him to continue as he was only borrowing it for his labour.
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Girdle of Hippolyta (5)
Heracles must steal the belt given to the queen of the Amazons by her father Ares for Eurystheus' daughter. Hippolyta knew of him and offered it, but Hera spread a rumour that Heracles wanted to kidnap Hippolyta so a fight ensued and he killed her.
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Erymanthian Boar (4)
The boar had been had been terrorising Arcadian farmland. Heracles chased it around Mt Erymanthos and caught it when it was exhausted. Eurystheus hid in a jar as he feared the boar.
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Mares of Diomedes (4)
Heracles captures the flesh-eating mares and leaves them with Abderos. When he returns from dealing with Diomedes, they have eaten Abderos, so he feeds Diomedes to them and they are satisfied.
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Cattle of Geryon (4)
Heracles fights herder Eurython, guard dog Orthus and 3-bodied Geryon to steal the cattle and lead them back to the Peloponnese.
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Apples of the Hesperides (5)
Heracles must steal some of the apples belonging to Hera and Zeus. He killed the eagle eating Prometheus' liver and found out where they were. He held up the sky whilst Atlas got them but Athena had to return them as they couldn't be kept by a mortal
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Stables of Augeias (4)
Heracles makes a deal that if he can clean the stables in one day then he will receive 10% of them. He gets help from Athena to divert the river but Augeias refuses to acknowledge this and Eurystheus regards this as cheating.
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Cerberus (4)
Heracles captured Hades' 3-headed guard dog. Hades lets him take the dog as long as he only used his own strength. He managed this by wresting Cerberus and took him to Eurystheus.
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Lernean Hydra (3)


Heracles must kill the Hydra. Along with Iolaus, he works out to burn the heads so more cannot grow back.

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Stymphalian Birds (4)


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Cretan Bull (4)


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Golden Hind (4)


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