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2. How come nobody is attacking them while they prepare the funeral?

  • They have surrendered
  • Achilles has given them reprieve from battle.
  • They are protected by the Gods
  • They have been protected by the walls of Troy

3. Where does Priam sleep? Why is this a bad idea?

  • In Achilles tent; because he is sleeping among the enemy
  • Outisde; there are lots of wolves and wild animals
  • With Hector; he may be subject to humiliation and violence
  • Protected by Hermes;Achilles could get angry and refuse to give Hector back

4. What does Zeus do to reassure Hecuba?

  • He sends Artemis to protect her while her husband is gone
  • He sends her a good omen-an eagle
  • He appears to her in a dream
  • He shows her Priam on his voyage

5. Who goes to Priam to tell him to beg Achilles for Hector's body?

  • Zeus
  • Hermes
  • Irish
  • Thetis


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