Classical Civilisation-Illiad book 22

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1. What does Athena do to intervene?

  • She kills both of them
  • She appears to Hector in a dream
  • She fights alongside Achilles
  • She appears to Hector disguised as his ally Deipohobus
  • she kills Hector
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2. What is his final request?

  • For his body to be returned to the Trojans for a proper burial
  • a kiss from briseis
  • to see his father
  • to not be humiliated

3. What happens to give Hector a big realization?

  • 'Deiphobus' turns into Athena
  • 'Deiphobus' leaves his side and he realizes the Gods have betrayed him
  • 'Deiphobus' kills Hector
  • Achilles agrees to give him a burial and they become friends

4. Where does Achilles hit Hector with his spear?

  • heel
  • throat
  • stomach
  • arm

5. Why doesn't Hector just go back inside the walls?

  • He is embarrassed because he told his soldiers to stay, and would look weak if he went back with them
  • He is guarding the walls from Achilles
  • He wants to face Achilles
  • The Gods blackmailed him


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