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In what year did Peisistratus die?
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Who succeded Peisistratus?
His two sons, Hippias and Hipparchus
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Where and when was Hipparchus assasinated?
The summer of 514 at the Panathenaic festival
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How many it attempts did it take for Peisistratus to come to power
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First attempt in 561?
Peisistratos entered the agora bleeding from wounds – claimed he had been attacked (scam), one of his friends suggested he be voted a bodyguard – the demos agreed and P was voted 50 clubmen
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Second in 550?
Peisistratus rode into Athens on a charriot with a women he claimed to be godess Athene, Who was really a woman from a local village name Phy
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Where were the Silver mines that Peisistratus gathered wealth and allies from?
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Third attempt?
Achieved power through force and not allies. 549- He removed all possible rivals (dead/exciled) and took power by violence
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What did Aristotle refer to Peisistratus as?
A constitutional tryant
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What did Peisistratus have a selection on?
The archons, to ensure they were favourable to himself and one was usually a family member
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What did Peistratus do his possible rivals chilldren?
Took them and educated them on Naxos
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Whos constituion did Peisistratus keep the same?
Solons, He was even prepared to stand trial for Treason
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Who did Peisistratus provide loans to, and why?
• Provided loans to poor farmers so they could switch from grain to olive cultivation – loans provided by the state, not a member of the eupatridae therefore a step towards creating a centralised government
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What dis Peisistratus reduce?
Land tax
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What did P encourage?
Trade and crafts
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What was P's views on foreign policy?
Non- agressive
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Who did P make alliences with?
Naxos, Sparta, Argos
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What is the significance of Alliences with Colonies : Sigeum & Dolonci in Chersonese
important in order to control the shipping of grain from the Black Sea and alsoimportant step towards Athens becoming a naval power
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What festival did Athens become responasble for?
Delos, which asserted Athens as the mother city of all Ionians- Delos was considered to be the birth place of Apollo and sacred to all Ionians- Athens more popular
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What did P promote?
The reciting of Homer and the possible writting down of Homer?
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What festival did Athens relaunch?
The Panathenaea which took place every four years
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Why was the Panathenaea so important?
Many came arounf (from all over) to attend this amazing festival of arts, theatre, sculpture so it would have incresed alliances and trade, also a wider and more popular name for Athens, It also united Athens together as all men could attend.
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What was the significance of the 2 pipe water supply lines
It gave the poor no more reason to depend of the rich for water, The masses becoming more indepndant
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What was a posotive thing about the absence of Statis
It gave ordinary citizens a chance to gain experience in the law courts and the Ecclesia
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Who succeded Peisistratus?


His two sons, Hippias and Hipparchus

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Where and when was Hipparchus assasinated?


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How many it attempts did it take for Peisistratus to come to power


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First attempt in 561?


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