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1. Who found that social (descriptive) representation matters more than policy (substantive) representation when making vote choices?

  • Best
  • Jowell
  • Heath
  • Curtis
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2. Which group in the USA, according to Brooks and Manza have moved from being the most likely to vote Republican to the second most likely to vote Democrat?

  • White-collar
  • Professionals
  • Non-manual service
  • Blue-collar

3. Who says that the decline of the manufacturing industry and restructuring of Western European economies has diminished the number of the traditional working class?

  • Best
  • Crouch
  • Dalton
  • Mair

4. How would Heath, Jowell and Curtis characterise the change in support for the Labour party in 1997?

  • a shift
  • gradual realignment
  • critical realignment
  • critical juncture

5. What percentage of members of the working class were union members in 1979 and 1997?

  • 21%-12%
  • 31%-28%
  • 38%-21%
  • 44%-22%


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