Class and educational achievement

What is meant by external factors?
(home and society) any factor that is beyond education
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What is meant by internal factors?
(school) any factor within education
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Material deprivation
Smith & Noble - hidden costs of education
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Cultural deprivation
Sugarman - classes having different values. Middle class differed gratification, working class instant gratification
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Speech codes
Bernstien - 2 types of speech codes, elaborate ( mc) and restricted (wc)
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Labelling and self fulfilling prophecy
Internal, Becker and the ideal pupil
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Parental choosers
External, Ball, wc families are less likely to be able to move to the area with the best school
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Parental interest
External, Douglas, Mc parents use educational toys and start to teach their children from a younger age wc less likely to go to parents evenings
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Hidden curriculum
Internal, Bowels and Gintis,"corresponding principle", highlighted similarities between work and education -> Giroux argued that this approach is too deterministic for each child
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Internal, Hargreaves, Willis
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Criticism of poverty and material deprivation
- free school meals, pupil premium, bursaries, education action zones and free childcare 3+
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What is meant by internal factors?


(school) any factor within education

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Material deprivation


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Cultural deprivation


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Speech codes


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