CLA Developing Phonolgy

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1. What phonological mistake would saying 'pip' for 'ship' be?

  • Deletion of unstressed syllables
  • Substitution
  • Assimilation
  • Consonant cluster reductions
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2. What phonological mistake would 'doggie' be?

  • Substituation
  • Addition
  • Deletion
  • Assimilation

3. What theorist discovered that children who referred to plastic fish as 'fis' couldn't link it when adults said 'fis'?

  • Jean Berko and Roger Brown
  • David Crystal
  • Katherine Nelson
  • Jean Aitchison

4. What is deletion?

  • Substituting one sound for another. E.g. 'pip' for 'ship'
  • Adding extra vowel to end of words. E.g. Doggie
  • Deleting final consonant of word. E.g. Do(g) and Cu(p)
  • Repeating whole syllable. E.g. Dada

5. What phonological mistake would 'Do(g)' and 'Cu(p)' be?

  • Deletion
  • Assimilation
  • Deletion of unstressed syllables
  • Addition


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