Civil rights J F Kennedy

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1. what did the Committee on equal employment opportunities do?

  • eqaul employment opportunities who worked for the federal gov
  • equal employment opportunities for people of any race in USA
  • Equal employment opportunities for AA graduates
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2. How did Kennedy show his sympathy towards AA?

  • By ringing up MLK's Wife
  • By talking to AAs face to face
  • By seeing MLK in Prison

3. what did he promise?

  • a civil rights act to desegregate schools
  • Civil rights act to end seegregation
  • a civil rights act to stop employment discrimination

4. What did the Birmingham campaign force Kennedy to do?

  • Withdraw proposal of civil rights act
  • decisive leadership and fulfil his promises of a civil rights act
  • consider communicating more with MLK

5. Why was there slow change under Kennedy?

  • Because he needed the support of the white southern congress
  • Because he needed the support of the white Northern congress
  • he needed support of the white house


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