Civil Rights in the USA QUIZ- TRUMAN

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1. Truman established what to investigate increasing violence against blacks?

  • A committee made of African American ex-slaves
  • A mock committee founded by KKK members to attack blacks.
  • A liberal Civil Rights Committee
  • No committee was established.
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2. What was SWEATT v. PAINTER? 1950

  • Segregation on park benches was abolished.
  • A separate black Texan law school was not equal to the University of Texas Law School to which the black petitioner had therefore to be admitted.
  • Segregation at the Mississippi Mathmatics school was declared as "degrading" by president Truman.
  • Segregation in Oklahoma's local library was declared unconstitutional.

3. Truman said that legal equality was...

  • Should be given to blacks when whites were ready.
  • A black man's basic right.
  • Only meant for whites.
  • Never to be given to blacks.

4. Truman was the first president to address what, and when?

  • The NAACP- 1947
  • SNCC- 1950
  • CORE- 1949
  • SCLC- 1948

5. Who was Hubert Humphrey?

  • The Kansas Mayor
  • The Minneapolis Mayor
  • The Mississippi Mayor
  • Not a Mayor


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