Civil Rights in the USA QUIZ- TRUMAN

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1. What was HENDERSON v. US?- 1950

  • Segregation on the Montgomery buses was illegal.
  • Segregation in the Texan Law School was illegal.
  • Segregation on railway dining cars was illegal under the Interstate Commerce Act
  • Segregation at the Mississippi Library was to be abolished.
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2. What was Truman's response to post-war attacks on black servicemen in 1945/46?

  • He was horrified by the attacks, and said they "turned his stomach over"
  • He gave reparations to the servicemen.
  • He found it humorous and laughed about it.
  • He ignored the attacks.

3. What was the Supreme Court Ruling SHELLEY v. KRAEMER?

  • A ruling against library and swimming pool segregation- 1949
  • A ruling against discrimination in housing- 1948- ineffective.
  • A ruling against railway seating segregation-1946
  • A ruling against interstate travel segregation- 1950

4. Who was Hubert Humphrey?

  • Not a Mayor
  • The Mississippi Mayor
  • The Minneapolis Mayor
  • The Kansas Mayor

5. Truman was the first president to ever campaign in...

  • Texas
  • Mepmhsis
  • Harlem
  • Atlanta


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