Civil Rights in the USA QUIZ- TRUMAN

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1. Which of these was NOT part of the progress under Truman?

  • Congress refused to pass civil rights legislation
  • Some states legislated against discrimination
  • Truman urged reform
  • Truman's support for NAACP Supreme Court Rulings
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2. By 1952, how many states and how many cities had fair employment laws?

  • 11 states + 20 cities
  • 4 states + 5 cities
  • 17 states + 29 cities
  • 2 states + 4 cities

3. What was the Supreme Court Ruling SHELLEY v. KRAEMER?

  • A ruling against interstate travel segregation- 1950
  • A ruling against railway seating segregation-1946
  • A ruling against discrimination in housing- 1948- ineffective.
  • A ruling against library and swimming pool segregation- 1949

4. What did Mayor Humphrey reject?

  • His black friend who was trying to date him- Alice.
  • The Dixiecrat Civil Rights Plank- designed to satisfy southern whites.
  • Truman's programme
  • The CR legislation proposed by Eisenhower.

5. What did the Fair Employment Board aim to do?

  • Give blacks reparations.
  • Give minorities equal treatment in federal employment.
  • Give blacks jobs on reservations.
  • Help the poor out of poverty


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