Civil Rights in the USA QUIZ- TRUMAN

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1. What did the "To Secure these Rights" report of October 1947 propose?

  • That nothing needed to be changed.
  • Anti-lynching legislation and the abolition of the poll tax.
  • The abolishment of the FEPC.
  • That African Americans had a "satisfactory" level of rights
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2. Who was Adam Clayton Powell?

  • President Truman's friend.
  • The president after Truman
  • A black representative.
  • A white racist

3. How did different parts of America react to the democratic convention?

  • Southerners :) Northerners + Westerners :(
  • Northerners + Westerners :) Southerners :(
  • Northerners :) Westerners :I Southerners :(
  • Westerners :) Northerners + Southerners :(

4. By executive order 10308, what did Truman establish?

  • A secret police set out to abolish the KKK
  • The Fair Employment Board
  • The Committee on Government Contract Compliance- encouraged companies to halt job discrimination. (DECEMBER 1951)
  • A civil rights bill

5. What was SWEATT v. PAINTER? 1950

  • Segregation at the Mississippi Mathmatics school was declared as "degrading" by president Truman.
  • A separate black Texan law school was not equal to the University of Texas Law School to which the black petitioner had therefore to be admitted.
  • Segregation in Oklahoma's local library was declared unconstitutional.
  • Segregation on park benches was abolished.


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