Civil Rights in the USA QUIZ- TRUMAN

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1. What was Truman's response to post-war attacks on black servicemen in 1945/46?

  • He ignored the attacks.
  • He was horrified by the attacks, and said they "turned his stomach over"
  • He found it humorous and laughed about it.
  • He gave reparations to the servicemen.
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2. What did Truman establish in 1948?

  • An integrated library in Missouri.
  • An equal opportunities board.
  • A Fair Employment Board.
  • An all-black football team.

3. What areas of the armed forces remained segregated?

  • The National Guard and Reserves
  • The dining areas the troops ate their meals at.
  • The whole of the Armed Forces
  • The trenches

4. What did the Fair Employment Board aim to do?

  • Give blacks reparations.
  • Give minorities equal treatment in federal employment.
  • Give blacks jobs on reservations.
  • Help the poor out of poverty

5. What was SWEATT v. PAINTER? 1950

  • Segregation on park benches was abolished.
  • A separate black Texan law school was not equal to the University of Texas Law School to which the black petitioner had therefore to be admitted.
  • Segregation at the Mississippi Mathmatics school was declared as "degrading" by president Truman.
  • Segregation in Oklahoma's local library was declared unconstitutional.


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