Civil rights Federal government - Eisenhower

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1. Civil Rights act of 1960- How did this extend power of commission of civil rights?

  • By keeping record of voter registration
  • By taking surveys of voters
  • By asking AA to vote more
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2. Civil Rights Act of 1957 focused on what?

  • Education
  • Voting rights
  • desegregation of department stores

3. Why did Eisenhower not help African Americans?

  • He had the cold war to focus on
  • He thought their position would improve over time
  • He was racist

4. What happened towards the end of Eisenhower's presidency?

  • He proposed two civil rights Act
  • He died
  • He stopped segregation in the south

5. What happened to people who stopped african americans from voting?

  • 1500 dollars
  • 1000 dollars and max sentence of six months
  • 500 dollars and max sentence of 1 year


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