Citizenship Key Terms

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The people living in an area or place, or the people who work in a particular place, e.g the school community.
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Pressure Group
A group of people who take action to try and influence the government (local or national) about a specific issue.
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Actions or events organised by an individual or group of people to achieve an aim.
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Political Literacy
Knowledge of politics and how democracy works.
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Target Group
The organisation that the action is aimed at.
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The right to vote.
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Insider Group
A pressure group that the government recognises and consults with when performing policies associated with their cause or interest.
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People who stand outside a place of work trying to persuade workers not to enter.
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Flying Pickets
Pickets transported from one region to another.
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Rule by the majority of the people.
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Democratic Process
The actual process of electing the people's representatives.
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The people eligible to vote in an area.
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Community Group
A group of people who meet together to follow a shared interest (for example, a craft group or a sports team) or to influence a decision or campaign for change.
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Trade Union
A group of workers in the same trade or profession who join together to protect their rights and pursue common interest.
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Collective Bargaining
An agreement negotiated by a union on behalf of its members about an issue, for example, salaries.
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Something we are entitled to by law, sometimes also referred to as an entitlement or a freedom.
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Something that we are expected to do - a duty. Responsibilities may be legal or moral.
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Equal Opportunities
Treating everyone with the same rights, giving the same chances to all.
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Treating someone differently in some way because of their gender, sexuality, age, religion, disability or ethnicity.
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This term describes the financial and production levels of a country or region in relation to the manufacturer and use of food, products and services.
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Community Cohesion
Enabling people within an area to have shared values and understanding and a sense of belonging, by providing good facilities and the same opportunities for all.
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A system where natural resources are used and replaced so that they are not depleted.
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A group of people who take action to try and influence the government (local or national) about a specific issue.

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