Citizenship quiz- Rights & Responsibilities

What is immigration?
The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.
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What is diversity?
The inclusion of individuals representing more than one national orifgin, colour, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation Etc.
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What is an asylum seeker?
Someone who leaves their own country, often for political reasons or because of war, and who travels to another country hoping that th government will protect them and allow them to live there.
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What is a refugee?
A person who has left their country and is given permission to stay in another (UK for 5 years).
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What is migration?
The movement of people to another country.
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Give three reasons as to why people would migrate
Safer living conditions, better services (NHS), lower risk of natural disaster, democracy, better employment opportunities...
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How can you improve community cohesion?
make sure schools are mixed to grow up accepting different people, include R.E. and citizenship in schools, School trips
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What is identity?
The characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.
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List three things that diverse communities will have
Different cultures, new food, new languages
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What things are part of your identity?
Religion, personality, age, race....
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What are human rights?
The basic rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to regardless of nationalit, sex, age, national ethnic origin, race, religion, language or any other status.
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When was the Human Rights Act established in the UK?
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What does UDHR stand for?
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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How many UDHR articles are there?
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Name some UDHR articles
Freedom of expression, Right to privacy, Right to basic needs (food, water, shelter), Right to education, Right ot have a family, All human beings are born equal
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Who created the UDHR and in what year?
The United Nations in 1948 (after WW2)
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Why was the UDHR created?
To protect people after seeing the damage that WW2 had on people.
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What are legal rights?
Human rights protected by law.
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Name some legal rights
Sex discrimination act, Race relations act, disability discrimination act
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What abuses human rights?
Capital punishment
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What is a consumer?
An individual who buys products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale.
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What is the sales of goods act?
It makes sure that products are of satusfactory quality and that if they were to become broken thet you could get a refund or exchange the product.
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What is the food safety act?
It checks that all food is safe to eat.
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What is the trades & description act?
It makes sure that the product is as described on the packaging.
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What is the weights & measures act?
Assures that the weights and measurements stated on the packaging are correct.
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What is the consumer credit act?
It ensures that you can use your credit card and be protected.W
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What is a contract of employment?
A file which contains all your rights and information to do with your employment.
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Name 3 employment laws
- Health & safety act - Equal pay act - Sex discrimination act - Race relations act - Disability act
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What are the benefits of being part of a trade union?
They ensure basic eductaion and information about your employment rights such as minimum wages, safe working environment and adequate breaks
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How do trade unions ensure your rights?
They assemble workers in order to have the greatest impact when negotiating contracts by going on strikes and having organised protests.
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What is diversity?


The inclusion of individuals representing more than one national orifgin, colour, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation Etc.

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What is an asylum seeker?


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What is a refugee?


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What is migration?


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