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2. What is centrepetal force?

  • A force that acts on an object moving in a circle that opposes gravity.
  • A fore that must be applied to an object to make it move around in a circle.
  • Something in star trek
  • A force that pulls the object away from the centre of the circular path.

3. The earth rotates around its axis. To show what it's speed is, which equation would we use?

  • W=2Pi / T
  • W=V/r
  • a=W^2r
  • F=mv^2/r

4. Which is the correct equation for working out angular velocity?

  • W=V/R
  • W=VR
  • W=R/V
  • W=D/T

5. How many radians are there in a full circle?

  • 36 radians
  • 2 radians
  • 1.5 radians
  • 1/4 radians


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