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2. Which is the correct equation for working out angular velocity?

  • W=V/R
  • W=D/T
  • W=VR
  • W=R/V

3. Which is the correct equation for calculating centrepetal force?

  • F=wv
  • F=P^2/2m
  • F=mv^2/r
  • F=ma

4. What is angular displacement??

  • The angle the object is at when traveling.
  • How far the object has moved around its circular path?
  • How far away from the centre of the object is.
  • The speed the object is traveling.

5. How many radians are there in a full circle?

  • 36 radians
  • 1/4 radians
  • 2 radians
  • 1.5 radians


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