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2. What is angular displacement??

  • How far the object has moved around its circular path?
  • The speed the object is traveling.
  • How far away from the centre of the object is.
  • The angle the object is at when traveling.

3. In what direction does the centripetal force act??

  • In the direction of motion
  • Towards the ground
  • Towards the centre
  • Away from the centre

4. What is centrepetal force?

  • A force that pulls the object away from the centre of the circular path.
  • A fore that must be applied to an object to make it move around in a circle.
  • A force that acts on an object moving in a circle that opposes gravity.
  • Something in star trek

5. The earth rotates around its axis. To show what it's speed is, which equation would we use?

  • F=mv^2/r
  • W=2Pi / T
  • a=W^2r
  • W=V/r


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