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1. Which is NOT a limitation of gas chromatography?

  • substances have the same retention times
  • unknown compounds have no reference retention time
  • unknown compounds have no reference Rf value
  • substances can 'hide' beneath each other so will not be detected
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2. Which is NOT a use of GC-MS?

  • forensic analysis
  • drug testing
  • treatment of strokes
  • airport security

3. What is the benefit of coupling gas chromatography with mass spectrometry

  • gas chromatography separates compounds and mass spectra can be compared to a database
  • both the retention time and mass spectra can be used to improve the reliability of the identification
  • mass spectroscopy separates the compounds and retention times can be compared to a database

4. What does a solid stationary phase separate compounds by?

  • adsorption
  • absorption
  • relative solubility

5. Name the stationary phase in thin layer chromatography?

  • inert gas
  • liquid solvent
  • thin layer of adsorbent on inert support
  • thin layer of solid inside capillary tubing




good quiz didnt quit understand some of the questions

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