Christianity, Peace and Justice.

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What is Just War Theory?
Sometimes war CAN be allowed, but it must meet a certain criteria.
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Who's is Thomas Aquinas?
Christian Monk who is a major developer in Just War Theory.
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Jus Ad Bellum (Rules to war)?
Proper authority, Just cause, Right intention, Last resort, Proportionality, Victory possible.
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Jus In Bello (Rules in war)?
Discrimination, proportionality, no means mala (no evil weapons)
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Christian attitudes to war?
Christians believe we have a duty to maintain peace and justice, think going to war is wrong; " Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you", many Christians believe that sometimes war can be the lesser of two evils(must meet war criteria)
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Sermon on the mount
A way to back up what Christians believe about war, Peacemakers are blessed,Christians believe they should maintain peace. God will sometimes support and encourage people who go to war.
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Absolute Pacifism
Never right to take part in war. Value of human life is too high that nothing can justify killing a human being deliberately.
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Conditional Pacifism
War and violence are bad things in principle, war can sometimes be considered as less bad than alternative, Consequences must be weighed up.
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Selective Pacifism
Only oppose war involving weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical) these weapons are evil in themselves and to use them in war but make it 'unwinnable'
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Active Pacifism
Campaign against war, refuse to fight or will work to reduce the harm of war(medical or relief work) can be known as ' conscientious objectors'.
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Pacifists believe human life is precious, any use of violence during war is wrong. Will only make situations worse (Gandhi and Martin Luther King were pacifists)
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All forms of outward war is wrong, maintain a inward attempting to overcome violence and oppression by prayer. Believe that God is love and redemption can be experienced
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Who's is Thomas Aquinas?


Christian Monk who is a major developer in Just War Theory.

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Jus Ad Bellum (Rules to war)?


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Jus In Bello (Rules in war)?


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Christian attitudes to war?


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