Christianity Beliefs and Teachings

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What does Omnipotent mean?
All powerful
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What does Omnibenevolent mean?
All loving
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What does Just mean?
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What is Catholicism?
A branch of Christianity based in Rome and led by the Pope
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What is Protestantism?
A split from Catholicism in the 16th century and branched out into different denominations.
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Why is the crucifixion of Jesus important?
Christians believe their sins will be forgiven if they sincerely repent, that God understands human suffering because Jesus experienced it and Christians accept suffering is a part of life, just as it was part of Jesus' life.
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Why is the resurrection of Jesus important?
It shows the power of good over evil and life over death, means Christians sins will be forgiven if they follow Gods laws and Christians will be resurrected if they accept Jesus, so there is no need to fear death.
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Why is the ascension of Jesus important?
Shows Jesus is with God in heaven and Paves the way for God to send the Holy Spirit to provide comfort and guidance.
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What is the impact in the belief of Resurrection?
Means life after death is real, gives hope of a future life with Jesus, gives confidence in the face of death, shows Christians how much God loves them and inspires Christians to life life in the way God wants them to, so they can go to heaven
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What do Christians believe about the after life?
When they die they will be resurrected and receive eternal life, they will be judged by God at some point after they die, judgement happens directly after death or on Judgement Day.
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What is Purgatory?
An intermediate state where souls are cleansed in order to enter heaven. (Catholic belief only)
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What is sin?
Any action that separates humans from God.
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What is salvation?
To be saved from sin and its consequences, and to be granted eternal life with God.
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What is the role of Jesus in salvation?
Jesus crucifixion made up for the original sin of Adam and Eve, the death of Jesus was necessary to restore the relationship between God and believers to bring them salvation, it also made it possible for all those who follow him to gain eternal life
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What is atonement?
Removes the effect of sin and allows people to restore their relationship with God
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What does Omnibenevolent mean?


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