Christianity Beliefs

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Describe the Old Testament
39 Books, Creation Story, 10 Commandments, Jewish Scriptures
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Describe the New Testament
27 books, Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Letters of St Paul
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Describe Roman Catholics
Follow teachings of the bible, church and Pope, have 7 sacraments
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Describe Protestants
Follow teachings of the Bible , In England they are not part of the Anglican Communion, called non-conformists, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Quakers, the Salvation Army
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Describe Orthodox
Found in Eastern Europe, Russia and Greece, have 7 sacraments and honour idols
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Describe the Church of England
Roman Catholic and Protestant features, beliefs are set out in the 39 Articles
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What is Anglicanism?
the worldwide communion of Churches in fellowship with the parent Church of England
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What is the nature of God?
Omnipotent, benevolent, just judge, eternal, omniscient, immanent, transcendent, personal
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Describe omnipotent
all powerful, still allows everyone freewill
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Describe benevolent
loving and caring, 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son' John, Christians try to follow this example
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Describe just judge
judges actions fairly, those who reject him and live sinful lives will be punished like in the story of the sheep and the goats in Matthew but if they return to his ways they will be forgiven like in the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke
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Describe omniscient
knows everything, past, present and future
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Describe eternal
always existed and will continue to exist forever
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Describe transcendant
beyond this world, does not depend on it to exist
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Describe immanent
present in the human world and takes an active role in humanity
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Describe personal
he is an almighty and divine person so a relationship is possible through prayer like a conversation
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What does monotheistic mean?
a one God religion, 'you shall have no other gods' Exodus
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What is the trinity?
the idea that God exists in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
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How is the trinity involved at Jesus' baptism
Jesus 'saaw the Soirit of God descending like a dove.. and a voice from heaven said 'You are my Son'' Matthew
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What did St Paul say about Jesus and God?
Jesus has 'equality with God' Philippians
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How was the Nicene Creed created?
In 325 AD, church leaders met at the Council of Nicaea and produced a creed, a statement of beliefs, in 381 AD at the Council of Constantinople, it was developed into the Nicene Creed
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What does the Nicene Creed say?
The Father is the maker of Heaven and Earth, the Son was made man and the Holy Spirit is the giver of life
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What were the beliefs before and after the creed was created?
Before: not everyone agreed that the Son was equal to the Father After: they agreed everyone was as important
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Why is the trinity a key belief today?
The Early Church placed emphasis on it
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Which group do not believe in the trinity?
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Describe the Father
God of the OT, created heaven and earth and sustains them, transcendent part of God, mark fof respect as Jesus called him by this in the gospel of Matthew 'your heavenly Father is perfect'
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Describe the Son
incarnation of God in human form, divine and human, immanent and personal, understands human suffering, model for Christian behaviour in obedience to the Father, gospels record his life, source of guidance for Christians, how to live good lives
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Describe the Holy Spirit
presence of God in the world, 'another advocate to help you and be with you forever' John, immanent yet personal, guides the church, some feel it guides them personally, 'By this power of the Spirit, God's children can bear much fruit' Catechism
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What did God create of each day?
1: light and darkness 2: the sky 3: oceans, land and plants 4: sun, moon and stars 5: fish and birds 6: humans and animals 7: rested
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What is the Fathers' role in creation?
the creator
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What is the Holy Spirit's role in creation?
God created the world by acting through the Holy Spirit who 'was hovering over the waters. And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light' Genesis
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What was the Son's role in creation?
'In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God' John 'The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us', he was vital 'Though him all things were made'
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How did God create humans?
'In his own image' 'formed a man from the dust of the ground' 'made a women from the rib he had taken out of the man'
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Why is it important we were made in God's image?
shows we are special and should act like him and be loving and fair, we are important to God and everyone should be treated with respect
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What does the Bible say about Humans and the Earth?
'rule over the fish... birds... every living creature' showing dominion but also 'put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it' showing stewardship
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What is a creationist?
someone who takes the creation story literally, it took 6 days and we descended from Adam and Eve
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What is another view of the creation story?
a more liberal view that sees it as a parable or of symbolic meaning, they acknowledge God as the creator but are open to the Big Bang Theory, offer more information on how God made the universe, Catholic Church accept both
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What can we get from the creation story?
we see God's nature; eternal as he made time and was present prior to it, omnipotent because he created the universe through words and benevolent because he brought humankind to life and gave them the earth
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How did evil enter the world?
as a result of Adam and Eve eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and disobeyed God
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What is The Fall?
the switch from a perfect world to a one containing evil
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What is original sin?
the idea that every human is born with a flawed nature capable of causing suffering
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What is free will?
what God gave humans so its up to them to chose whether to perform evil deeds or not, just like Adam and Eve
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What is the opposite of evil?
good and since God is good, Christians should follow his example
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What is moral evil?
human made brought about by the cruel actions of people like murder, the person causing evil is able to make a moral choice about what is right and wrong
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What is natural evil?
caused by the world, no ones fault, natural disasters and floods,however human interference may cause these
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What can be a result of evil and suffering?
loss of faith and questioning of God's existance
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What are the views of suffering?
God cannot be benevolent and omnipotent is he allwos suffering, he may not have the characteristics he says he has
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Why do people think suffering is acceptable?
people have free will so God cannot interfere, he may want to help but is not powerful enough, seen as a test of faith and God has his reasons, is with people in suffering so brings them closer to him 'May your unfailing love be my comfort' Psalms
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More views on suffering
Earth s not meant to be perfect, heaven is
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What does Job say about suffering?
he at first questioned God but then realises he is all-powerful and know what he is doing so accepted it as humans cannot not understand his plan 'Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him
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What do Christians do when someone is suffering?
pray and give to charity 'whatever you did for one of these brothers... you did for me' Matthew
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What is life after death?
the idea that although your body may die, your soul can live on (immorality of the soul)
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Describe Heaven
a place of paradise, great beauty and serenity where you'll spend eternity with God as long as you believe in Jesus and followed his teachings, you can be saved by God's grace
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Quotes about Heaven
'One who believes in me will live, even though they die' John 'if the earthly tent... is destroyed... we have... an eternal house in heaven' 2 Corinthians
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Describe Hell
place of torment and pain, final destination for non-believers who led bad lives, 'they will go away to eternal punishment' Matthew
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What is another interpretation of Heaven and Hell?
that they are states of mind, in heaven you will be happy and know God, in Hell you won't know God's love
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What does Pope John Paul II say about Hell?
it is a metaphor for how people feel who have been rejected by God
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What do Roman Catholics believe about the afterlife?
Hell means all connection form God is lost, 'This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God,... is called Hell' Catechism
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Another view on Hell
that God would not punish someone for eternity, other believe he would annihilate them, 'The only end is total non-being' a report by the Church of England, other believe he would send no one to Hell
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What is Parousia?
the second coming of Jesus, where everyone will be resurrected 'in Christ everyone will be made alive' 1 Cornithians
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What are the beliefs about the Last Judgement?
all of humanity will be judged and those GOd finds acceptabel will go to heaven, the rest to hell like the stroy of the sheep and the goats 'Christ ascended into heaven...until he return to judge all Men' 39 Articles
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Quote on the Last Judgement
'we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ' 2 Corinthians
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What do Roman Catholics believe about the Last Judgement?
they will ahve a personal day of judgement when they die, other think they will be judged again and re-enter heaven or hell in their resurrected forms
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What was the incarnation?
an act in which God became a human being as Jesus Christ
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Describe the incarnation
an angel told Mary in Nazareth that she would have a son, 'the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God' Luke
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What does the Nicene Creed say about the incarnation?
'he... was incarnate from the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and was made man'
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What do Christians believe about Jesus?
he was not half man, half god, he was fully both and God 'appeared in the flesh' 1 Timothy
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What is Jesus often referred to as?
Christ or the Messiah meaning the 'Anointed One of God'
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How do Christians see Jesus' time on earth?
God's way of showing his love
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Give a brief overview of the gospels
he was baptised by John the baptist, he began teaching, got followers, a key teachings are in the Sermon on the Mount Matthew, he taught how the poor are valued, peacemakers are blessed, importance of kindness e.g The Good Samaritan Luke, miracles,
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How did Jesus show he was the Son of God and demonstrate God's power?
performed miracles
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Give an overview of the last supper, arrest and the trial
Jesus and his disciples had a Passover meal in Jerusalem, later called the Last Supper, he gave bread saying 'This is my body' and wine saying 'This is my blood' Mark, Luke's gospel says ' do this in remembrance of me' dome at the Eucharist,
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Give an overview of the last supper, arrest and the trial Part 2
He washed his disciples feet to show it is important to serve others and then he went to pray at the Garden of Gethsemane where he was arrested as the authorities felt threatened when crowds called him the king of Israel
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Give an overview of the last supper, arrest and the trial Part 3
The Jewish High Priest found him guilty of Blasphemy, then he went on trial infront of the Roman Governor Pilate who offered his release but the crowds said 'Crucify him'
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Describe his crucifixion
at Golgotha between two robbers, a sign said 'The King of the Jews', passer-byers threw insults and told him to save himself, Jesus cried out showing he knows how it feels to be abandoned, the crucifixion repaired the relationship between man and God
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Describe the resurrection
the tomb was found empty, he talked to 2 women and said 'Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me' Matthew, shows there is life after death, less frightening, power of God, gives people the strength to live good Christian live
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Describe the resurrection
further proof that Jesus is the Son of God as he was 'appointed the Son of God in power by his resurrection from the dead' Romans, strengthening faith
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Quote for the resurrection
'he has risen!' Luke
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When was Jesus' ascension?
40 days after his resurrection, met alive in various places in Jerusalem
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Why did he ascend to Heaven?
he had done what he was sent to do and t was his time to be with God, 'he left them and was taken up into heaven' Luke
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What did Jesus tell the disciples at the ascension?
he would 'prepare a place' for them, John, and that in Jesus, Christians would have an 'advocate' with God
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What did Pope Benedict say about the Ascension?
since Jesus was human and went to heaven, it shows there is a place for all humans in heaven
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What does the ascension show?
Jesus' power, 'at the right hand of the mighty God' Luke
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Why did Jesus have to die?
to win forgiveness for everyone and ensure their redemption (freeing of sins), Jesus was perfect but God placed all the sins on him at his crucifixion to pay for peoples sins if they have faith in him (Romans)
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What did the crucifixion bring about?
reconciliation with God and Humanity, the atonnement
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What else does is show about Jesus?
his power and goodness were so great, death could not keep a hold of him
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Why did Jesus not have to die?
1 Corinthians says that love 'keeps no record of wrongs' so it was not required for a loving and merciful God to forgive sins
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Why did Jesus not have to die? Part 2
, some argue his ministry showed people how to be free of sin and that his death showed Gods love and that God can triumph over sin and death so there is no reason to fear evil
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What is salvation?
the soul being saved from death and sin allowing it to reach heaven
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How can Christians get salvation?
have faith in Jesus because 'Salvation is found in no one else' Acts, it is only possible through God's grace, God showing favour to those who haven't earned it
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Quote on God's grace
'For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith... it is the gift of God' Ephesians
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What do true believers do?
live a Christian life by obeying laws like the 10 commandments which provide guidance, everyone will sin but the laws means they'll become 'conscious of...sin' Romans and 'turn to God in repentance' Acts
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How does the Holy Spirit aid salvation?
helps Christians follow the teachings of God and his laws and keep their faith
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