CHOPIN – PIANO PRELUDE NO 15 in D flat major

Tests your knowledge on the listening exam paper.

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1. What period was this piece of music written in?

  • Romantic
  • Baroque
  • Classical
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Other questions in this quiz

2. What date was this piece composed?

  • 1839
  • 1841
  • 1838
  • 1840
  • 1837

3. Where is Chopin from?

  • Poland
  • England
  • Germany
  • America

4. What is the toneality of the piece at the start of the A section?

  • C sharp Minor
  • D major
  • C Major
  • D flat Major
  • C sharp Major

5. In what section is there an Enharmonic change to C# Minor?

  • Section C
  • Section B
  • Section A




The answer to question 21 is wrong: the answer should be piano. And I'm not sure about it modulating to E minor - Q. 6. It modulates to the tonic minor - C sharp minor



im not sure about 13 and 14, you can't really answer one without contradicting the other :S it's homophonic for a lot but then is monophonic at the end so surely it's not 'homophonic throughout'? 



i'm pretty sure it's legato and the second question is wrong it was composed in 1839



Thanks for your comments I have changed question 13 and 14. It does modulate to E major in section B as well as the enharmonic change to C sharp minor. The piece is legato but it is described on the score as Cantabile legato, but I have removed the option of the answer being legato because it could be described as both.



Oh and I checked and the piece was definately composed in 1838

Ben V.


Brilliant, I loved it.

Samuel Richardson


A really great, long quiz on Chopin's Prelude in Db major. Some easy and some more difficult questions, so something for everyone here. 



I am doing Edexcel GCSE and i am pretty sure it is 1839

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