CHIP - Vygotsky what kind of name is that goodness me

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1. Stalin's rise to power in 1920 lead to what?

  • Law control - no crimes tolerated
  • Government control - no independent thought tolerated
  • General control - no group thoughts tolerated
  • Very very bad tings
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2. Where did he work?

  • Taught psych in lab in Gomel, with special needs children
  • Taught science in classroom for well developed young children
  • Taught art in lab in Moscow, with abused children
  • Taught food tech at MTA SYC ITS MISS RINGWOOD

3. What was the problem with developmental psychology by Vygotsky?

  • It's boring as F**K
  • Small audience + did not offer simple experiment paradigm
  • Not easy to generalise, just Russians
  • Too large of an audience

4. Who was his work banished under?

  • Leontiev
  • Bronze
  • Stalin
  • Luria

5. In what year did Vygotsky start his academic career at the Institute of Moscow?

  • 1928
  • 1924
  • 1934
  • 1938


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