CHIP - Vygotsky what kind of name is that goodness me

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1. According to language, what is sociohistorical development?

  • Changes in culture only
  • Changes in culture, values and technology
  • Changes in technology but not values
  • Something to do with history right yes I am very clever
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2. In what year was Vygotsky's work published again?

  • After 1965
  • After 1956
  • Before 1956
  • Before 1965

3. What was Vygotsky committed to do?

  • Re-open society's rules and stop poverty
  • Build a new Russia, realism
  • Build a new world, passion and idealism
  • Create new laws

4. What does Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory say?

  • Socio and cultural two words I hate nope bye bye
  • Children adapt to environments, particularly social ones, and that defines their cognitive processing
  • Children construct knowledge, development cannot be separated from its social context, language plays big role in cog development
  • Language is not important although is needed later on in life as an adult

5. According to language, what is micro genetic development?

  • Changes in evolution
  • Changes in one's cognitions
  • Change over the brief period of time
  • Little tiny small genes


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