CHIP - Vygotsky (2)

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1. What does egocentric speech?

  • It splits into four pathways, two known, two unknown
  • This is too hard
  • It separates into speech for self and that which is directed at others
  • It has no control, hence why not necessary
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2. What is the primary function of language?

  • Social key
  • Speech
  • Communication
  • Gossiping

3. When do children use structure of speech?

  • During learning what it means
  • Never because they're thick
  • Before they know what it means
  • After they know what it means

4. Which two types of speech serve the same function?

  • Outer & egocentric
  • Go away
  • Inner & egocentric
  • Outer & inner

5. Structure of speech mirrors thought structure, true or false?

  • How do I know
  • False, it doesn't
  • True, it does


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