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1. The Molyneux Problem included what three things?

  • a blind man, a cube and a sphere
  • a blind man, a cube and a square
  • a blind man, a square and a cube
  • a man, a woman and a shape of some sort dunno wasn't really listening
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2. Leibnitz was promise what if he succeeded with his designs?

  • Lifetime pension, designs didn't work tho
  • Lifetime prison, luckily designs didn't work
  • Lifetime supply of windmills to carry on business
  • Lifetime pension, designs worked!

3. Rational Monads are best described as:

  • their ideas received media attention, searched for God's approval, however incapable of apperception
  • close to God, rational analysis, capable of apperception, ideas receive attention
  • rationally stable, capable of apperception, atheists
  • close to God, capable of perception, rationally analytical

4. Monads are unlike who's idea of interactional parallelism between mind and body?

  • Locke
  • Aristotle
  • Descarte
  • Leibnitz

5. Leibnitz co-invented what with who?

  • Calculus with Isaac Newton
  • Abacus with Isaac Newton
  • Microscope with Locke
  • Windmills duh, he don't need no help


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