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1. What is DUALISM?

  • Ideal world and material forms of a person
  • Two processors in life that determine our future
  • Material world and idealised forms of the soul
  • Soulful people channeling their inner character
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2. What approach did Decarte take after doubting everything?

  • An aligned approach
  • An axiomatic approach
  • An interesting approach
  • An associative approach

3. Who thought he was gold?

  • Plato
  • Gold
  • God
  • Bronze

4. What did Nicolas Copnicus hypothesize?

  • That the sun, rather than earth, was centre of the universe
  • The sun was insignificant in the universe
  • Nicky boy has no idea what he is talking about, so nothing
  • That the earth, rather than the sun, was centre of the universe

5. What best describes what results in foot withdrawal?

  • Ye put ye left foot in, ye left foot out, IN OUT IN OUT SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT, YE DO DE HOKEY POKEY AND U TURN AROUND
  • Pores opened by fire allow human brain spirits to enter thus resulting in foot withdrawal and therefore hand movement too
  • Hand foot withdrawing from fire move quickly, displace into skin, pulls the nerve fibre = open pore, animal spirits in brain enter that pore
  • Hand withdrawing from fire particles move slowly, displace into skin, pulls nerve fibre and opens pore


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