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2. Finish the statement relating to sleeping; "dreams occur..."

  • in moments of the day
  • momentary tautness of nerves
  • when our spirit cannot rest
  • in the deepest cycle of sleep

3. Describe the sleeping brain:

  • Weak brain tissues but awareness came through spirits
  • Adriana Kelidi, 24/7
  • Devoid of spirits with flaccid brain tissues
  • Devoid of animals with strong brain tissues

4. In what year did Nicolas Copnicus publish his v special book?

  • 1534
  • 1634
  • 1543
  • 2k16

5. What did people do at the Statues of St. Germaine?

  • Did the naughty
  • They visited the underground to find hidden plates but nothing happened after that
  • They stepped on hidden plates in floor = water flowed
  • They stepped on pipes and valves hidden in the floor


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