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2. What plays a role in people's reactions?

  • Internal factors
  • Learnt behaviour
  • External factors
  • Innate behaviour

3. Illusions are when...

  • we knew we have to doubt the evidence in our eyes
  • we know we believe what we see
  • we know that what we are told is correct, but not what we see

4. What was waking best known as?

  • A thing people did not like doing in the morning
  • An ample supply of animal spirits
  • A full supply of human spirits
  • An external supply of animal spirits

5. The Statues of St. Germain are interested in ventricles. What are these filled with and what is it known as?

  • Dirty white liquid - DSF
  • Clear yellow gas - CFG
  • Clear yellowish liquid - CSF
  • Love - aka Aidan Wood


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