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2. Who made up a model concerning bodies moving in mechanical ways?

  • Descarte, obvs
  • Aristotle
  • Decarte, again, clever lad
  • St. Germaine

3. What approach did Decarte take after doubting everything?

  • An interesting approach
  • An aligned approach
  • An axiomatic approach
  • An associative approach

4. What did Nicolas Copnicus hypothesize?

  • That the sun, rather than earth, was centre of the universe
  • The sun was insignificant in the universe
  • Nicky boy has no idea what he is talking about, so nothing
  • That the earth, rather than the sun, was centre of the universe

5. The Statues of St. Germain are interested in ventricles. What are these filled with and what is it known as?

  • Dirty white liquid - DSF
  • Clear yellow gas - CFG
  • Clear yellowish liquid - CSF
  • Love - aka Aidan Wood


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