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1. The Statues of St. Germain are interested in ventricles. What are these filled with and what is it known as?

  • Clear yellow gas - CFG
  • Clear yellowish liquid - CSF
  • Dirty white liquid - DSF
  • Love - aka Aidan Wood
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2. According to Decarte, academic knowledge is...

  • important and consistent
  • the key to success
  • useless or uncertain
  • not needed

3. What did people do at the Statues of St. Germaine?

  • They stepped on hidden plates in floor = water flowed
  • They stepped on pipes and valves hidden in the floor
  • Did the naughty
  • They visited the underground to find hidden plates but nothing happened after that

4. Describe reflexes:

  • Brain opens muscle nerves and allows animal spirits to enter
  • When you move really quickly when a stimuli is processed in the brain
  • Brain tugs open specific values = animal spirits released into certain muscles
  • Brain tugs open certain animal spirits = values and muscles are contracted

5. What is DUALISM?

  • Ideal world and material forms of a person
  • Material world and idealised forms of the soul
  • Soulful people channeling their inner character
  • Two processors in life that determine our future


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