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2. What did Decarte doubt?

  • His life choices lol
  • Everything that appeared as certain knowledge
  • Everything that appeared as specific knowledge
  • Everything that appeared useless knowledge

3. Who made up a model concerning bodies moving in mechanical ways?

  • St. Germaine
  • Aristotle
  • Descarte, obvs
  • Decarte, again, clever lad

4. Describe the sleeping brain:

  • Weak brain tissues but awareness came through spirits
  • Adriana Kelidi, 24/7
  • Devoid of spirits with flaccid brain tissues
  • Devoid of animals with strong brain tissues

5. Illusions are when...

  • we know that what we are told is correct, but not what we see
  • we knew we have to doubt the evidence in our eyes
  • we know we believe what we see


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