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1. Piaget created an international centre for _______________? Fill the blank

  • Testing children
  • Genetic dissociations
  • Genetic science
  • Genetic epistemology
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2. What is another approach genetic epistemology can take?

  • No please
  • Examine development of knowledge in groups of people
  • Examine development of knowledge in individual person as they grow up
  • Examine development and understanding in a persons brain in just a day

3. What did he study (subjects wise)?

  • Geology
  • All three mentioned
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

4. What does Piaget mean by GENETIC?

  • What your mum and dad pass down to u when u born
  • Biological - studying biological makeup can help understand why we do what we do
  • Developmental - studying nature of knowledge by looking at development of knowledge
  • Cognitive - studying nature of knowledge by investigating cognition of brain

5. How did Piaget test children?

  • By discussing what past experiences they have had and the earliest they remember
  • Asking them what they answered for questions in the intelligence test
  • By talking to them about the reasoning behind their answers to the intelligence test questions
  • Whoever made the best coffee won


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