CHIP - Jean Valijean lol jokes don't call him that PIAGET BBZ

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1. What was the v important article about?

  • The formation of the earth and his opinions, for the geography magazine
  • An albino sparrow he saw, for his local history magazine
  • Molecules and neurons that make up our body and brain
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2. What is one approach genetic epistemology can take?

  • No thank you
  • Study development of scientific knowledge over time
  • Study decreases in scientific knowledge over historical time
  • Study increases in science technology over time

3. What is another approach genetic epistemology can take?

  • No please
  • Examine development of knowledge in groups of people
  • Examine development of knowledge in individual person as they grow up
  • Examine development and understanding in a persons brain in just a day

4. What was his thesis about?

  • Surprise surprise, molluscs
  • Birds
  • Geology in general
  • Nothing cos he failed ha ha

5. How many scientific papers about molluscs did he publish?

  • 21
  • 1000000 :)
  • 22
  • 32


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