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2. Who influenced David Hume's thinking?

  • Muller, law of nerve energies
  • Kant, prior knowledge on topic
  • Aristotle, with two laws of association
  • I wish I knew the answer but I'm really sorry I do not

3. Causality cannot be proven to exist in the external world, but it is in our understanding, therefore it must be:

  • an innate contribution of the mind
  • really confusing
  • a learnt contribution of the mind
  • a forgotten yet present even in the mind

4. What are external and inner world also known as (respectively)?

  • Incompetent & impossible
  • Phenomenal & noumenal
  • Noumenal & phenomenal
  • Impossible & incompetent

5. INNER world =

  • 'Appearance' world active in creating understanding of external world
  • wot iz inside us dnt b dirty lol rude
  • 'Imagined' world active in creating understanding of internal world
  • 'Featured' world inactive in understanding our world and people around us


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