CHIP - Immanuel Kant

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1. What are optical illusions?

  • When u think u see a rabbit but its a duck lol
  • When sensory experiences are the same from external reality
  • When sensory experiences differ from external reality
  • When sensory experiences are more important than external reality
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2. Why can psychology not be like physics?

  • The experiments cannot be proven like they can in physics
  • No spatial dimension, cannot be externally manipulated or mathematically analysed
  • Too much spatial dimension yet no way of manipulating it internally
  • Cos Mr. Mills teaches bad

3. Who influenced David Hume's thinking?

  • Muller, law of nerve energies
  • Kant, prior knowledge on topic
  • Aristotle, with two laws of association
  • I wish I knew the answer but I'm really sorry I do not

4. Does it matter if causation is real or assumed?

  • Yes well not really maybe but then also possibly no okay yes final answer wait
  • Yes, if we can't know causality in nature, logic of science and knowledge = challenged
  • No, if we know causality in science, we can pin point other factors that could be blamed
  • No, it can be either as long as it is justified scientifically

5. EXTERNAL world =

  • Imagined objects and events never heard of before
  • Real objects are as they are without human interaction
  • What happens outside our house
  • Experiences in our long term memory that we are reminded of every so often


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