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2. What did Kant say psychology could never be?

  • A RELEVANT science
  • A TRUE science
  • His fave subject
  • A CORRECT science

3. What are external and inner world also known as (respectively)?

  • Incompetent & impossible
  • Phenomenal & noumenal
  • Noumenal & phenomenal
  • Impossible & incompetent

4. What did Hume argue about inductive reasoning (causality)?

  • It does not matter whether is it an assumption, reverse causality is always correct
  • It cannot be justified rationally - this belief results from experience of "constant conjunction", not logic
  • It can be justified rationally - this is because of our prior experiences and knowledge
  • Blah blah blah no one cares bai

5. What are optical illusions?

  • When u think u see a rabbit but its a duck lol
  • When sensory experiences are the same from external reality
  • When sensory experiences differ from external reality
  • When sensory experiences are more important than external reality


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