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2. Which important physicist had knowledge of Kantian philosophy?

  • Hermann Helmholtz
  • Jacob Jerosky
  • Gustav Fletcher
  • Immanuel Kant???

3. Who influenced David Hume's thinking?

  • Muller, law of nerve energies
  • Aristotle, with two laws of association
  • I wish I knew the answer but I'm really sorry I do not
  • Kant, prior knowledge on topic

4. What is Vitalism?

  • It is the life force, it controls bodily mechanism and escapes after death
  • It controls all our movements but leaves our body just before we die
  • It is our soul that remains even after we die
  • No idea soz

5. Kant's thinking about the mind =

  • Everyone's a Kant LOL
  • It has rules organised according to space and time
  • It has rules organised according to time not space
  • It has rules organised according to space but not time


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