CHIP - Immanuel Kant

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1. What did Hume argue about inductive reasoning (causality)?

  • It cannot be justified rationally - this belief results from experience of "constant conjunction", not logic
  • Blah blah blah no one cares bai
  • It can be justified rationally - this is because of our prior experiences and knowledge
  • It does not matter whether is it an assumption, reverse causality is always correct
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2. EXTERNAL world =

  • Imagined objects and events never heard of before
  • Experiences in our long term memory that we are reminded of every so often
  • Real objects are as they are without human interaction
  • What happens outside our house

3. What is Vitalism?

  • It is the life force, it controls bodily mechanism and escapes after death
  • It controls all our movements but leaves our body just before we die
  • It is our soul that remains even after we die
  • No idea soz

4. How many intuitions are there?

  • 22
  • f**k knows
  • 12
  • 2

5. What are optical illusions?

  • When u think u see a rabbit but its a duck lol
  • When sensory experiences are the same from external reality
  • When sensory experiences differ from external reality
  • When sensory experiences are more important than external reality


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