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1. what is the definition of: The 1991 legislation which deals with the care and bringing up of children

  • social blurring
  • Infant mortality rate
  • The Child Support Act
  • toxic childhood
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2. who agues there are ethnic differences between children

  • Hillman
  • Brannen
  • Pilcher
  • Bonke

3. The idea that the family and therefore childhood is improving as time goes on

  • age patriarchy
  • March of progress
  • pester power
  • Child-centred

4. The idea that, due to increased exposure to an adult world, childhood is no longer a distinct stage

  • social blurring
  • disappearance of childhood
  • age patriarchy
  • Economic burden

5. what is the definition of: Something created by society

  • Child-centred
  • Social construction
  • age patriarchy
  • Economic burden


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