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2. What is the position of a baby if it is transverse?

  • The baby lies across the birth canal
  • The baby
  • The baby lies at an angle to the birth canal

3. Which is NOT a sign of weaning?

  • A baby wakes early between feeds
  • A baby points to the fridge
  • A baby sucks their hands
  • The baby appears hungry after a milk feed
  • A baby appears to be stressed

4. What does EDD stand for?

  • Expected Delivery Date
  • Estimated Date of Delivery
  • Estimated Due Date

5. An obstetrician is a doctor who specialises in children's health?

  • False
  • True



This is excellent for getting the small pieces of information down into your memory! This has really helped me!

Alice Anderson

Thank you


Thank you!


Thank you


this needs to be edited because occasionally if I click an answer at the end when reviewing it says I clicked a different answer when I haven't




this really helped


This was fairly good. however it needs to be reveiwed as some of it is incorrect and for example, how long is a pregnancy questions was dodgy because both 40 weeks and 9 months is correct. 




excellent quiz

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