Child Development Key Words

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Cystic fibrosis
Thick mucus blocks the lungs
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The blood fails to clot
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A type of anaemia that is a disorder of the red blood cells
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PKU (phenylketonuria)
The brain becomes damaged causing the child to be mentally handicapped
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Muscular dystrophy
Weakens the muscles
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Fallopian tube
Joins the ovaries to the uterus. Fertilization takes place here
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Control the female sex hormones and produce and release eggs
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Where the baby develops and grows
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Lining of the uterus
Every month during menstruation, this comes away. If an egg is fertilized, it becomes attached to the lining
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The neck of the uterus that is usually closed
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During intercourse, sperm are deposited here
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Seminal vesicle
Stores and secretes semen, which carries the sperm
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The bag containing the testes
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Produce sperm and the male sex hormone
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Sperm tube
Lead from the testes, and along which the sperm travel
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A tube which carries semen and urine
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Becomes erect before and during intercourse and ejaculates sperm into the vagina
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Covers and protects the tip of the penis
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Where the sperm are stored
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Fine, soft hair on the foetus's skin.
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Greasy coating covering the skin
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In vitro fertilization (IVF)
Where the woman's egg is removed from the ovary and fertilized with the man's sperm in a laboratory
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Embryo donation
Where the egg of a woman and the sperm of a man are fertilized using IVF and placed in another woman's uterus
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Egg donation with IVF
If a woman cannot produce eggs of her own, another woman donates an egg to be fertilized by the first woman's partner
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Gamete intra Fallopian transfer (GIFT)
Using the couple's own or donated eggs or sperm. GIFT is a method where the eggs and sperm are removed and placed in the Fallopian tubes to be fertilized
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Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
A new technique where a single sperm is injected into an egg in a laboratory. Up to three embryos may be produced, which are then transferred to the uterus in the same way as with IVF
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The sucking reflex
A baby will **** on anything that is put into his or her mouth
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The rooting reflex
If one side of the baby’s cheek is touched, the baby’s head will turn towards it searching for the mother’s ******
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The stepping reflex
When held upright with the feet on a flat surface, the baby will make forward stepping movements
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The startle reflex
If startled by a sudden loud noise or bright light, the baby will move arms outwards with elbows bent and hands clenched
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The falling (“Moro”) reflex
Sudden movements that affect the neck give the baby the feeling that he/she may be dropped, so the baby will fling out the arms and open hands as if falling
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The grasp reflex
If the palm of the hand is touched with an object or finger, the hand automatically grasps it
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The part of the body called the stomach area
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Ending a pregnancy
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Saying "no"
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The legal process where adults become parents to children they have not given birth to
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AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
Caused by the HIV virus
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Alphafetoprotein (AFP)
A blood test for screening spina bifida
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A test using a hollow needle to remove amniotic fluid
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Amniotic sac
The foetus develops inside this sac, which is full of fluid
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Attention deficit disorder
A disorder of children who cannot concentrate for periods of time
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Children with autism find it difficult to communicate with others including their families
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Breech birth
When the legs or bottom are born first
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Caesarian section
An operation to remove a baby
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Cerebral palsy
A congenital condition that is caused by lack of oxygen shortly before or after birth
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The first milk produced from the mother's breast after the birth of a baby
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Combined pill
Contraceptive that contains two hormones
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The joining of an egg and a sperm
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Regular pains caused by the uterus contracting
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The transfer of bacteria from raw, contaminated food to other foods
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Deficiency diseases
Diseases caused by a shortage of a nutrient
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Down's syndrome
A genetic condition caused by having an extra chromosome in the cells
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The name given to the fertilized egg after implantation
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Epidural anaesthetic
A fine tube put into the mother's lower back
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Female sterilization
An operation where the fallopian tubes are cut
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The soft spot on top of a newborn babe's head
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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
A virus passed on through sexual intercourse and bodily fluids
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The body's ability to resist infection
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Protected against a disease
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The inability to conceive
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The first set of baby clothes
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A rare disease caused by bacteria in certain foods
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A flow of blood that occurs monthly
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A female sex hormone
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When an egg is released from an ovary
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An organ that provides nourishment and removes waste for the foetus
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Premature baby
One born before thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy
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A female sex hormone
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Reconstituted families
Families that have changed in structure and reformed in a new way
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Relaxation and breathing exercises
Natural childbirth techniques to relieve pain
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A milky substance that contains sperm
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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
Disease passed on through sexual intercourse
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Spina bifida
An abnormality where the brain and spinal cord fail to develop properly
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Ending a pregnancy
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Umbilical cord
Links the foetus to the placenta
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A special cap connected to a suction pump fitted to the baby's head
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Weaning or mixed feeding
The change from liquid to solid food
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The blood fails to clot



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A type of anaemia that is a disorder of the red blood cells


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The brain becomes damaged causing the child to be mentally handicapped


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Weakens the muscles


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