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2. looked after children

  • parents have a nanny
  • children are looked after by the local athority through social services
  • looked after very well by parents
  • go to a full time nursery/child minders

3. extended family

  • live with grandparents not parents
  • parents and children live with/near other members of the family
  • in foster homes
  • lots of siblings

4. residential care homes

  • leave at home but has special care
  • provide short term care for disabled/behaviour problems
  • children are used to work in care homes to earn a living
  • children live with a grandparent put has a carer

5. nuclear family

  • other family members help
  • just 1 parent and child
  • only parents and children live in the house not grandparents ect
  • help from the social


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