Child care key words

Nuclear family
Parents and children live together in the home, contact with other family members is limited
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Extended family
Different generations living near
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Single parent family
One parent looks after the child
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Foster family
Cared from temporarily by another family
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Adoptive family
Legally and permanently belonging to another family
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Shared care family
Parents separated but share care equally
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Looked after children
Looked after in a residential home
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Step family
New partnerships with existing children
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Same sex couples
Couples of the same sex in a relationship
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Childcare provision
Day care so parents can work
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Multi cultural
Mix of different cultures
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Ethnic minority
Group of people with common features e.g race
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Pre conceptual care
Preparations made to conceive
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Feet to foot
Laying a baby to sleep so they can't wriggle around
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Clothing and bedding for new baby
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Risk assessment
Check of possible dangers
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Violent shaking or spasm
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Residential care homes
They provide short term care for children
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Extended family


Different generations living near

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Single parent family


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Foster family


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Adoptive family


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