Child LanguageAcquisition

By Roisin Perry and Shannon Jain

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1. What is not a feature of CDS (Child Directed Speech)?

  • Lower pitch
  • Expansions
  • Yes/no questioning
  • Repitition
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2. "Mama" is an example of

  • Assimilation
  • Consonant cluster reduction
  • Reduplication
  • Deletion

3. What are Kroll's stages of writing development?

  • Preparation, Consolidation, Differentiation and Intergration
  • Preparation, Observation, Differentiation and Intergration
  • Preparation, Conventional, Substitution and Intergration
  • Preparation, Consolidation, Deletion and Intergration

4. Who described socio-dramatic play?

  • Catherine Groovy
  • Catherine Garvey
  • Catherine Harvey
  • Catherine Savvy

5. What language function does "I want dinner" fulfil?

  • Regulatory
  • Interactional
  • Personal
  • Imaginative


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