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2. Which is an example of deletion?

  • do (dog)
  • goggie (doggie)
  • mamama
  • daddy

3. What is a proto-word?

  • A word which is used, and has an actual meaning,but has not been "accepted" as a word by officials
  • A word that means the same as a full adult sentence

4. What is the definition of a consonant cluster reduction?

  • A process were an extra vowel is added to the world to make a CVCV structure
  • Some sounds change because of other sounds around them. Usually, the first consonant sound is influence by the second
  • Children find it difficult to articulate groups of consonants so they reduce the phoneme to just one consonant
  • Also known as babbling, consonant-vowel (CV) patterns are repeated

5. what phonemes do the alveolars produce?

  • j
  • t,n,d,s,l,z
  • d3, 3, s, ts
  • k,g


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