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1. what might a baby need?

  • gifts from friends and family as well as nappys and food.
  • love.
  • clothing, toys, equipement for trsvelling, bath equipement, changing equipement, somewhere to sleep, feeding equipement, equipment for sitting and playing.
  • food, love, expensive clothes, money and happy mum and dad.
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2. a stable relationship will have

  • love is key to a relationship.
  • love, respect, comfort, loyalty, priorities, trust, security, give and take.
  • a child can't fix a relationship.
  • a stable relationship is when you are married and have a home together where you are going to start a family.

3. what is an (step) reconstituted family?

  • when parents have a divorces.
  • falling in love with someone else and leaving you partner.
  • when marriage occurs, one or both parents may bring chilren from a previous marriage or relationship.
  • splitting a family up.

4. what is a one-parent family?

  • where one parent lives with a child or children.
  • both parent have a shared role in bring up the child or children but in different homes.
  • two parents bringing up one child.
  • where no family is around to support.

5. what are different signs of cultures?

  • music, size of family, hygiene, lifestyle, foods, religion and clothing.
  • friends, family, love and food.
  • clothes, music, housing and money.
  • art and literature


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