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2. what lifestyle changes are there after you have a baby?

  • social life disrupted, parents having little freedom, careeris effected as you take time off work, baby requires regular feeds.
  • family and friends always around paying attention to the baby instead of you, partner goes back to work, you are always stuck in the house and baby is always crying.
  • family are always around, no sleep, no money, no life and career is effected.
  • not financially stable, relationship falls apart, less free time and no sleep.

3. what is an (step) reconstituted family?

  • when parents have a divorces.
  • falling in love with someone else and leaving you partner.
  • when marriage occurs, one or both parents may bring chilren from a previous marriage or relationship.
  • splitting a family up.

4. what is marriage?

  • a family that live together happy.
  • living with the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.
  • marriage is a legally commitment between a man and woman who wish to live together in a permanent relationship.
  • short term arangement.

5. what is an multicultural society?

  • people living together happily.
  • family with different aged children.
  • is one that is made up of many different ethnic groups.
  • a group of people that are different cultures.


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