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2. what is an residential care home?

  • this is a home where they are there to ensure that the needs of children are met.
  • living with a foster family.
  • living at home.
  • sharing a home with other children that cannot live at home.

3. what is an adoptive family?

  • where parent/parents legally adopt a child/children.
  • a large group of children looked after by social workers.
  • permanent situation.
  • short term placement of a child.

4. what is an multicultural society?

  • family with different aged children.
  • is one that is made up of many different ethnic groups.
  • people living together happily.
  • a group of people that are different cultures.

5. what is an (step) reconstituted family?

  • falling in love with someone else and leaving you partner.
  • when marriage occurs, one or both parents may bring chilren from a previous marriage or relationship.
  • when parents have a divorces.
  • splitting a family up.


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