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Name the 4 additives in taht can be put in foods
Food colors, flavor enhancers, antioxidants and emulsifiers
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whats a food colour
makes food more appetising
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what is flavour enhancer
makes food smell and taste better
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what is an antioxidant
helps food last longer
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what is an emulsifier
helps oil and water to mix
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give 2 examples of where an emulsifier could be used
mayonnaise, icecream or salad cream
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explain the structure of an emulsifier molecule
hyrophobic tail, hydrophlic head
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whats hydrophobic
water hating, oil loving
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whats hydrophilic
water loving, oil hating
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how does an emulsifier make an emulsion
hydrophobic tail bonds to oil molecules, hydrophilic head bonds with water molecules
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what type of change is cooking
irreversible chemical change
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what happens to protein when its cooked
its denatured
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what do potatoes contain that we cant digest
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What is cellulose
The rigid cell wall on a potato
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How do we break down cellulose
by cooking it, it ruptures the cell walls
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what happens when you heat baking powder
it undergoes thermal decomposition
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word equation for thermal decomposition
sodium hydrogencarbonate ->sodium carbonate+carbon dioxide+water
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symbol equation for thermal decomposition
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How can for the presence of carbon dioxide
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what happens to limewater if carbon dioxide is present
it will go cloudy
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what is put in perfumes to give them smells
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are esters natural or artificial?
both, they can be natural or synthetically manufactured
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whats the process called in which esters can be made
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Equation for making an ester
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5 properties of perfumes
easily evaporates, non-toxic, doesn't react with water, non irritant, insoluble in water
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name one advantage and one disadvantage of animal testing
good-check they wont damage humans. bad- cruel to animals
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whats a food colour


makes food more appetising

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what is flavour enhancer


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what is an antioxidant


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what is an emulsifier


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