chemistry unit 1 section 3

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what is crude oil made of/ derived from?
a ancient bio mass we call fossils found in rocks.
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crude oil can be...
fractionally distilled
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what are bio fuels made from?
plant materials.
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crude oil is a mixture of....
a very large number of compounds not chemically combined
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most of the compounds of crude oil are mad up of...
molecules made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms only (hydrocarbons)
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most of these are...
saturated hydrocarbons called alkanes.
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what is the general formula of a saturated hydrocarbon know as alkane?
C2H2n+2 this is known as paraffin and is an alkane, or our rule to working out formula of alkanes.
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what are the formulas for methane, ethane, propane and butane?
CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10.
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single bonded alkane is a saturated bond, what is its overall bond?
a covalent bond
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the properties of a hydrocarbon effect what?
the use of that hydrocarbon, as a fule.
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what is the main process we use with hydrocarbons?
fractional distillation in a fractioning column.
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trends in hydrocarbons...
boiling points, viscosity, flammabillty
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nitrogen oxides are formed at...
high temperatures
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soild particles may contain...
unburned fules
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during combustion in hydrocarbons energy is released, what happens to the nitrogen and hydrogen?
the hydrogen and nitrogen are oxidised
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burning fuels causes what to be released?
carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, water vapours and solid particles are released
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burning fuels causes environmental impacts such as...
acid rain, global dimming, global temperature rising, water level rising, falling health and lifestyles.
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sulphur can be removed before burning after....
combustion, for example in power stations.
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fractions from crude oil can be...
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cracking unused fuel in to smaller molecules including...
unsaturated hydrocarbons called alkenes
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unsaturated hydrocarbon alkenes can be used to make....
polymers such as poly(ethene)
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ethene can also be used to make....
ethanol which is used in medical uses and fermentation.
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hydrocarbons can be cracked, they produce smaller and more useful molecules. What is the process?
heating hydrocarbons to vapours which are then either passed over a hot catalyst or mixed with steam and heated and high temperatures so that thermal decomposition reactions can occur.
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two products of hydrocarbons?
alkanes for fule, alkenes for polymers.
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alkenes have a general formula of...
CnH2n+ and look like they have lost a carbon and replaced the bond between the carbons.
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crude oil can be...


fractionally distilled

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what are bio fuels made from?


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crude oil is a mixture of....


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most of the compounds of crude oil are mad up of...


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