Chemistry tests for cations,anions,gases water & halides

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Flame test for Li?
Burns crimson red
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Flames test for Na+?
Burns yellow orange
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Flame test for K+?
Burns lilac
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Flame test for Ca ?
Burns brick red
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Are metal hydroxides insoluble or soluble
Many are insoluble and with a particular colour
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Colour of Cu2+ OH
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Colour of Fe3+ OH
Reddish brown
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Colour of Fe2+OH
Sludgey green
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Test for ammonia gas?
NH3 turns red litmus paper blue & smells of cat wee and makes eyes water
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Test for ammonium IONS?
NH4 +gives off ammonia with NaOH
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Detecting carbonates?
Add HCl to give off CO2
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Detecting sulpates ?
Add BaCl and HCl to give BaSO4 ( white)
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Detecting halides?
Add nitric acid and silver nitrate to give silver halide
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Silver chloride colour
White ppt
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Silver bromide
Cream ppt
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Silver iodide
Yellow ppt
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Chlorine gas?
Bleaches litmus paper
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O2 test
Re lights glowing splint
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CO2 test
Turns lime water milky
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H2 test
Squeaky pop with lighted splint
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Turns red litmus paper blue ( alkaline)
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Anhydrous copper sulphate (white) to hydrated Cu SO4 ( blue)
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Flames test for Na+?


Burns yellow orange

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Flame test for K+?


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Flame test for Ca ?


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Are metal hydroxides insoluble or soluble


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