Chemistry Module 1 Quiz

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1. What effects does acid rain have on the environment?

  • It only effects human beings.
  • It only really kills trees because the acid is very weak.
  • Lakes become acidic and kill plants and animals, it kills trees and damages buildings and statues made from certain types of stone (e.g limestone)
  • It doesn't effect the environment the acid is so weak it doesn't damage anything.
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2. What effects do nitrogen oxides have on the environment?

  • It reacts with nitrates in the soil and causes sea levels to rise and adds to global warming.
  • It doesn't, nothing happens to them.
  • It turns to acid rain and damages statues/buildings, kills fish, kills trees etc.
  • It unknown by scientists.

3. How does sulfur dioxide leave the atmosphere?

  • In the form of radioactive sun beams.
  • In the form of rain.
  • In the form of acid rain.
  • In the form of smog.

4. What removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

  • Lunor pull.
  • Microscopic insects.
  • Plants.
  • Sea levels.

5. What do catalytic converters do?

  • They trap the harmful gases and over time break them down until they are completely obliterated.
  • They speed up reaction by making it easier for the atoms to collide.
  • They turn harmful gases into harmless gases by either adding or reducing the oxygen.
  • They are fitted onto cars to see how much pollutants they are giving out.


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