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2. What removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

  • Lunor pull.
  • Plants.
  • Sea levels.
  • Microscopic insects.

3. Describe how nitrogen dioxide is produced when fossil fuels are burnt.

  • Fossil fuels are burnt and creates nitrogen. The nitrogen reacts with oxygen in the air and creates nitrogen dioxide.
  • Fossil fuels burn and create excess nitrogen so it's put in a combiner and turned into nitrogen dioxide for experiments.
  • Fuels in a car engine burn and create nitrogen monoxide, then once the carbon monoxide is in the air it will react with oxygen to give nitrogen dioxide.
  • Fuels in a car engine burn and create nitrogen monoxide, then once the nitrogen monoxide reacts with more nitrogen in the atmosphere is turns into nitrogen dioxide.

4. Name one result of pollution which causes direct harm to humans, and one which causes indirect harm.

  • Argon (hearing loss) and Nitrates (global warming).
  • Carbon monoxide (blood loss) and sulfer dioxide (global warming).
  • Carbon monoxide (death if inhailed) and sulfer dioxide (acid rain).
  • Oxygen (breathing problems) and Carbon (acid rain).

5. What effects does acid rain have on the environment?

  • It only effects human beings.
  • Lakes become acidic and kill plants and animals, it kills trees and damages buildings and statues made from certain types of stone (e.g limestone)
  • It doesn't effect the environment the acid is so weak it doesn't damage anything.
  • It only really kills trees because the acid is very weak.


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