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2. How would you test for an aldehyde and what would you see?

  • Tollens reagent, silver mirror
  • Acidified potassium dichromate
  • Tollens reagent, orange to green
  • Fehlings, silver mirror

3. Alkene to alcohol

  • nucleophilic substitution
  • electrophilic addition
  • direct hydration
  • hydrogenation

4. What would you need to do if you wanted a carboxylic acid?

  • Condense and heat with catalyst
  • Condense and heat under reflux
  • Distill and heat with catalyst
  • Distill and heat under reflux

5. What would use to oxidise and alcohol

  • HCl
  • acidified K2Cr2O7
  • aqueous potassium dichromate
  • potassium dichromate


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