Chemistry- Hydrocarbons, alkanes and alkenes

Questions for GCSE Chemistry 

1. Which is one reason why polymers are difficult to dispose of?

  • They have a high boiling point
  • They don't burn easily
  • They do not break down easily
  • They are very reactive
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2. Which of these is a natural polymer?

  • Neoprene
  • Silk
  • Nanoethene
  • Poly(e)thene

3. Polymers are:

  • Short-chain molecules made up of monomers
  • Long-chain molecules made up of monomers
  • The building blocks of monomers
  • More than one molecule joined together

4. What is the word equation for complete combustion?

  • Methane + Oxygen ---> Carbon dioxide + Oxygen
  • Ethane + Oxygen ---> Carbon dioxide + Poly(e)thene
  • Methane + Oxygen ---> Carbon dioxide + Water
  • Fuel + Oxygen ---> Carbon monoxide + Water

5. What is a covalent bond?

  • A shared pair of electrons
  • A bond involving the transfer of electrons from one atom to another
  • Two electrons joined together
  • The bond between to molecules


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