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What does state of matter depend on?
the forces between particles
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forces in solids have...
strong attractions between the particles
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forces in liquids have...
some force of attraction between particles
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forces in gases have...
no force of attraction between particles
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soilids hold a definite what
shape and volume
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why does a solid expand slightly when heated
because the particles in the solid vibrate more
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liquids keep the same ................ but change....................
volume shape
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What do the particles in a liquid do
constantly move in a random motion
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What happens to a liquids particles as it heats up
the particles move faster
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do particles in a gas move in a curved line or straight line
straight line
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why might the path of a gas particle change
it collides with another particle
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what shape and volume do a gas have
none, they move freely
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What 2 things happen to gases when they heat up
expand and pressure increases
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name the process that takes place so we can smell stuff
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explain the process of volatility
the particles evaporate from the liquid. As they have overcome the attraction to each other and evaporated.
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Name something that is volatile
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What is a solution
a mixture of a solvent and solute
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What is a solute
substance being dissolved
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What is a solvent
liquid its dissolving into
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What is soluble
something that will dissolve
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What is insoluble
something that will not dissolve
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What is solubility
a measure of how much will dissolve
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whys nail varnish insoluble in water
because the 2 substances are more attracted to themselves than each other, so they dont form a solution
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whys nail varnish soluble in acetone
attraction in acetone and nail varnish molecules are stronger than the attractions holding the 2 substances together
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what does a pigment do
gives paint its colour
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a paint is a ..............
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what does a colloid consist of
really tiny particles of stuff dispersed in another kind of stuff
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whys paint a colloid
particles of a pigment are dispersed through a liquid
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how does water based paint dry
paint dries as solvent evaporates
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what are the two types of paints
water based and oil based
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how does an oil based paint dry
solvent evaporates and oil is oxidized by the oxygen in the air before turning solid
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whats a therochromic pigment
changes colour when heated
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what is a phosphorescent pigment
glows in the dark
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what pigment would be used in baby spoons
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forces in solids have...


strong attractions between the particles

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forces in liquids have...


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forces in gases have...


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soilids hold a definite what


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