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give an example of pH1
dark red - hydrocloric acid
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example of pH4
bright green - tomato juice
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what would be pH7 (neutral)
light green - blood
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purple - baking soda
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what example is pH11?
dark purple - soap
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very dark purple - oven cleaner
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grey - sodium hydroxide
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what is the range of pH in soils?
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what order do the colours for soil go?
4.5 dark red, 5.0 light red, 5.5 light green, 6.0 dark green, 6.5 dark purple, 7.0 grey
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at what temperature does steam turn into water?
80-50 degrees c
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what are the particles in a solid doing?
they are all linked but vibrating
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what is a chemical change?
it always involves the formation of 1 or more new substances
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what are the particles like in a liquid?
they are close but not linked
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what are the arrangements of particles in gas?
random, very far apart, when heated they move even further apart
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what is sublimation?
where a solid goes straight to gas without going into a liquid state
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what do impurities do to the boiling point?
they raise it because the particles have an impurity on their back; it needs to escape with a higher boiling point
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example of pH4


bright green - tomato juice

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what would be pH7 (neutral)


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what example is pH11?


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