Chemistry (Unit One)

Questions Based On Topics From C1

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1. This is a method for creating ethanol. "When a hydrocarbon has been cracked to make fuels, ethane gas can be used to make ethanol by adding steam". What method is this?

  • Ethene Gas
  • Fermentation
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2. How much of the earths mass is the mantel (Aprox)?

  • 40%
  • 50%
  • 80%
  • 70%`

3. Why isn't the Miller-Urey experiment complete proof of his theory?

  • The amino acids failed to evolve
  • No amino acids were made
  • Amino acids were made but not enough
  • Too many amino acids were made

4. Which of these is an ADVANTAGE for fermentation?

  • Quick as the yeast needs to be left in a warm place and then its done
  • Toxic at high percentages
  • May need to be distilled
  • Cant go past 15% alcohol

5. Which one of these IS an advantage of Limestone?

  • it can cause acid rain
  • Neutrilises acid soils
  • To get at the limestone guarries are built
  • it can cause global warming


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