Chemistry (Unit One)

Questions Based On Topics From C1

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1. What part of the emulsifier is attracted to water (hydrophillic)?

  • Head
  • Body
  • Tail
  • No part of the emulsifier is attracted to water
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2. What are the two main steps to distilling crude oil?

  • Liqudfying then Condencing
  • Condencing then liquidfying
  • Vaperation then Condensation
  • Condensation then Vaperation

3. What is a compound?

  • A substance that is made of two or more different types of atoms that are chemically bonded
  • two elements combained

4. How do you extract Aluminium?

  • Electrolysis
  • Displacement
  • Electrolysis and Displacement
  • Thermal Decomp

5. How do you turn a Solid Calcium Hydroxide into a Calcium Hydroxide Solution? Make sure the symbol equation is correct.

  • Add Water and Filter (( Ca(OH)2 + H2O ---> Ca(OH)2 ))
  • Add Water and Filter (( 2Ca(OH)2 + H2O ---> 2Ca(OH)2 ))


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