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2. Which one of these make up aprox 70% of the surface of the crust?

  • Water
  • Coral
  • Land
  • Rock

3. This is a method for creating ethanol. "When a hydrocarbon has been cracked to make fuels, ethane gas can be used to make ethanol by adding steam". What method is this?

  • Ethene Gas
  • Fermentation

4. In what order do the earths layers go from the inside out?

  • Atmosphere, crust, mantel, outer core, inner core
  • mantel, atmosphere, inner core, crust, outer core
  • Inner core, outer core, mantel, crust, atmosphere
  • Outer core, inner core, mantel, crust, atmosphere

5. Similar animal and plant fossils have been found on the coasts of Africa and South America. What does this suggest?

  • That they were once next to eachother or connected
  • Animals and plants were moved around the world
  • That these counties have similar environments


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