Chemistry (Unit One)

Questions Based On Topics From C1

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1. What is added back into the iron after the impurities are removed in order to made steel?

  • Carbon
  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
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2. Where are transition metals found on the periodic table?

  • Right block
  • Centre block
  • Far Right block
  • Left block

3. How is crude oil formed?

  • The buried remains of animals and plants
  • the buried remains of mammals
  • the buried remains of animals
  • the buried remains of plants

4. What is an emulsion?

  • A mixture of oil, water and an emulsifier
  • A mixture of oil and water
  • A mixture of oil and an emulsifier
  • A mixture of an emulsifier and water

5. Which one is used in cooking oils?

  • Unsaturated
  • Saturated


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