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2. What is the Mass number?

  • No. of protons + No. of neutrons
  • No. of protons + No. of electrons
  • No. of electrons + No. of neutrons

3. What are the properties of alkali metals (Group 1)?

  • Not reactive
  • Soft and low-density. Decreases in reactivity and melting and boiling points as it goes down
  • Hard and high boiling and melting points increasing

4. What elements decrease reactivity, melting and boiling points and RAM as it goes down the list and form ionic bonds?

  • Alkali metal (group 1)
  • Halogens (group 7)
  • Noble gases (group 8)
  • Transition metals

5. What is Filtration?

  • Separating a solid from a liquid
  • Splitting atoms
  • Separating different dyes in an ink
  • Separating liquids


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