Chemistry Topic 1/Topic 2 ,Rocks

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1. What are the properties of Limestone and Chalk?

  • They are red as they are formed at high pressures.
  • They are easily eroded and they aren't formed at high pressures so they contain fossils.
  • They are strong and used for cars.
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2. What was the early atmosphere like?

  • Mostly carbon dioxide (CO2) with virtually no Oxygen.
  • 50% Carbon dioxide and 50% Carbon Monoxide.
  • 30% Oxygen, 50% Carbon dioxide and 20% Argon.

3. How are Extrusive rocks formed?

  • Cools quickly forming big crystals.
  • Igneous rock cools quickly above ground- forming small crystals (Basalt)
  • Cools slowly underground producing small crystals.

4. What is another thing that changes the atmosphere?

  • Nothing just burning fossil fuels.
  • Deforestation.
  • Sleeping.
  • Biking.

5. What did the oxygen create?

  • Ozone layer (O3)
  • Oceans.
  • Mountains.


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