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2. How does volcanic activity change today's atmosphere?

  • Sulfur dioxide causes volcanic smog when it reacts with oxygen/dust/sunlight.
  • It kills people.
  • It ruins houses.

3. What gases make up today's atmosphere?

  • 50% Oxygen, 40% Carbon dioxide, 5% Nitrogen and 5% Argon
  • 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, small gases, nearly 1% Argon and 0.04% Carbon dioxide.
  • 80% Oxygen, 28% Carbon dioxide and 2% Argon.

4. Why couldn't any atmosphere form?

  • It was so hot that any atmosphere boiled away.
  • It was so cold that any atmosphere froze.
  • Space wasn't ready.

5. How does burning fossil fuels change the atmosphere?

  • Nothing.
  • It releases CO2.
  • It releases Argon.


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