Chemistry Topic 1/Topic 2 ,Rocks

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1. How did the oceans form?

  • When the moon became closer the the earth which formed the oceans.
  • When water vapour condensed.
  • When it rained so much that some of the water stayed.
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2. What did the Green Plants do to make Oxygen gradually increase?

  • When they evolved they took in the CO2 and produced Oxygen (O) by photosynthesis.
  • Nothing they made it decrease.
  • Green plants evolved and took all the oxygen.

3. What are the two types of igneous rocks?

  • Exinsive, inexive
  • Extrusive, Intrusive
  • Migneous, Leme

4. How are Extrusive rocks formed?

  • Igneous rock cools quickly above ground- forming small crystals (Basalt)
  • Cools slowly underground producing small crystals.
  • Cools quickly forming big crystals.

5. What is Deforestation and how does it effect the atmosphere?

  • Its add sulfur dioxide.
  • Is when you cut down an area of tree and it contributes to the amount of CO2 as tree take it in and let oxygen out.
  • It makes animals homeless.


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