Chemistry Topic 1/Topic 2 ,Rocks

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1. What did the marine organisms do to bring down the level of C02?

  • They developed but when they died they were buried under layers of sediment and the CO2 brcame locked up in carbonate rocks.
  • The marine organisms trumped.
  • Nothing they made CO2 levels go up.
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2. Name another way volcanic activity changes the atmosphere?

  • Nitrogen.
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide.
  • Oxygen.

3. How do we use Antartic ice cores to tell us about the atmosphere?

  • The warmer the ice the warmer the air.
  • Each year a layer of ice forms and bubble of air gets trapped inside it so the deeper the ice the older the air.
  • The colder the ice the warmer the air.

4. How do igneous rocks form?

  • When sedimentary are over 100 years old.
  • When magma pushes up into the crust before cooling and solidifying.
  • When a volcano erupts and the rock that lands in the sea as the salt turns it igneous.

5. How did the atmosphere form?

  • The moon and the sun moved in the solar system.
  • Volcanoes gave out gas (Carbon dioxide, water vapour) that formed the atmosphere.
  • The sun exploded.


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