Chemistry Paper 1 Topic 4

What is oxidation?
the reaction with oxygen
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What is reduction?
the removal of oxygen
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Combustion is always...
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What is the reactivity series?
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The more reactive the metal...
the less resistant it is to oxidation
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metal + water =
metal hydroxide + hydrogen
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What is a redox reaction?
when oxidation an reduction occur simultaneously
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Give two examples of redox reactions
displacement reactions, rusting
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What is a displacement reaction?
When a more reactive element reacts to take the place of a less reactive element in a compound
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In a metal displacement reaction a more reactive metal...
loses electrons
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What happens when an ore is reduced?
oxygen is removed from it
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Which metals can be extracted by reduction using carbon?
metals that are less reactive than carbon
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What is bioleaching?
the use of bacteria to separate metals from their ores.
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What happens during bioleaching?
bacteria gets energy from the bonds between the atoms, separating out the metal, the leachate contains metal ions which can be extracted by electrolysis
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What is dynamic equilibrium?
when the forward and backward reaction in a reversible reaction are happening at the same rate
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What is reduction?


the removal of oxygen

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Combustion is always...


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What is the reactivity series?


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The more reactive the metal...


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